Reflections from a week WITH the Arapaho Tribe

By Lee Kemp 

Since I returned home from Wyoming, I have found myself refreshed and renewed in my commitment to see God move through me and Forefront Church. (Checkout last week’s post to see how God moved during our trip!)  I think that is how almost everyone feels after a productive time on a mission trip in another ministry context.

Today, I thought I would just drop a few reflections and thoughts here for us to remember and consider as we seek to advance God’s Kingdom and the Gospel.

When we minister, prepositions matter

Something I was trained in but still forget time to time is that prepositions matter in ministry. 

When we do something TO to a people, we create oppressionAlthough this is a silent and an unspoken oppression, people can still feel like we are coming off better than them.

When we do something FOR a people, we create co-dependency. In this approach, even if we do reach the intended people, we reach them in a way where they will need us to continue to focus on the Lord.  Our model can lack the ability to be reproduced within a people group. 

When we do something WITH a people, we create life-transformation. This approach is always slower and takes way more time.  It takes a considerable amount of energy and is usually avoided because it drives on the fuel of relationships. 

It has been said that the reason we don’t tell our people about Jesus is because we don’t tell Jesus about our people. I now add that the reason we don’t reach our unreached people groups is because we avoid the WITH approach in our methods of ministry. 

May we remember that our message never changes, but our METHODS of delivering our message needs to be continually evaluated.

May we all take to time to consider the prepositions within our ministries! 


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