Kids shining the Light lead Jehovah’s Witness out of darkness

By Anthony Banks

In July, Second Baptist hosted a week-long project that had a tremendous impact in our community of Turrell, Arkansas. There are a few testimonies that I would like to share, but first—would you like to know who was behind the Lord’s work? It was kids!  

This summer we hosted our second annual Backyard Bible Club. It was four full days of Bible camp with kids from our church and from First Baptist Church Rogers. In the morning, we taught the kids about the Bible through songs and skits. Then in the afternoon, for three of the four days, we took them out to Help in the Community (what I like to call HIT-C). The kids helped the elderly of Turrell with their chores and yardwork, and they also did other services like washing down the public library. With First Baptist’s 55 kids and 35 of our own, there were 90 kids total learning about the Lord who then went out to serve our community!

But what I think really resonated with the people in our community was how our churches took the kids to knock on doors. At each house we would share the Gospel and pray with them. Together, we knocked on every door in Turrell—and most we knocked on twice! I would say that about 50 percent of the people we spoke with were not in church or were attending another church besides Second Baptist.

Block party 3By the end of the week, we saw 10 professions of faith from knocking on doors! In addition to this, on Saturday members of the Missions Team at the Arkansas Baptist Convention coordinated a block party and medical-dental clinic at Second Baptist. More than 100 people from the community attended, the medical-dental clinic saw 40 patients, and six people received Christ. Praise God!

Now here’s a testimony you need to know, too. Something that God appointed and made happen as a result of our church and First Baptist Rogers coming together to do His work…

While working in the community, one of our groups noticed a man standing on the sidewalk at the post office. A young girl from First Baptist told the chaperone and driver, Bro. Jerry Bolander (and pastor of FBC Rogers), “I want to stop and talk to this man.” When they got out of the car to talk with him, they discovered that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. He was sarcastic with them, so they reluctantly got back in the car and drove to a neighborhood to begin knocking on doors.

Well, the first door they knocked on was this man’s door! But he acted the same way he had before, so the group continued their work. When they told me later about what had happened, they said it was on their heart to go back to his home and talk with him again.

And when they did go back—this time to invite him to Bible study—he was different. He apologized for how he had treated them because he had seen how the kids were doing things for the community. That night he came to Bible study and talked again about his guilt for treating the kids that way. He gave his testimony in front of the group and finished saying, “I’m walking in darkness.”

{ That night he came to Bible study and talked again about his guilt for treating the kids that way. He gave his testimony in front of the group and finished saying, “I’m walking in darkness.” }

I came down from the pulpit and witnessed to him, “If you want to get out of that darkness, Jesus can take you out.” That’s when he received Christ! We all gathered around and prayed for him after. He has asked that I baptize him once he recovers from a recent surgery.

That week a lot of folk, even those who did not receive Christ, responded to what we had done in Turrell. When they saw the way we were serving and knocking on doors to pray with them, they testified, “Nobody has ever done things like you are doing.” I’m praying now that these people will come out to see us at Second Baptist because they know we care about them.

Now we have a vision to go beyond Turrell. Next year we want to do this in Turrell again but also expand to Gilmore by working with our new partner, First Baptist Church Marion. We won’t stop in our Jerusalem; we’re moving now to go to Judea!

Your prayers and giving to the Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions Offering support me and my church plant, and we are able to carry out this Acts 1:8 model because of you. And I want to continue going out into my community and neighboring communities—combining efforts with other churches who have the same heart—to reach souls, like the 16 people and the Jehovah’s Witness, who needed to hear the Gospel right here in Arkansas!



What’s your focus?

By Anthony Banks

Whether you are bi-vocational or in ministry full-time, you are in for a ride. As a pastor, minister, or church planter, a lot of times people don’t really understand what you are going through balancing family, work, and church. Nothing is easy, and sometimes you will struggle to find the motivation to continue.

That’s why it is so important that your motivation comes from constantly staying in prayer!

I know I’m not telling you anything new when I say you need focus. You know good and well that you can’t let anything slip. “Slipping” happens when you forget to do things at home because of the ministry, or when you struggle to find time at church because of your work.

There is no way, decent or above decent, to love my family, take care of the ministry, or maintain my job if I am not focused on the Lord! 

First, there is my family. My wife needs me, and my kids need me. They need my love and my care and my affection and my time. Scripture says my family is my priority, because if I can’t lead and care for my family well, then how can I take care of the church? (1 Timothy 3:1-5)

{ There is no way, decent or above decent, to love my family, take care of the ministry, or maintain my job if I am not focused on the Lord! }

Then there is Second Baptist Turrell, where the people need a teacher and a listener and a counselor. I don’t want to neglect one of them because they’re all important. I’m not a hired hand but a servant, one who serves by giving of himself and leading his sheep, and I am responsible to God for how I lead.

And last, but not least, is work. Of course I must do the job I have been hired to do. Unlike in the ministry where I want to be like Christ going after one sheep gone astray, at work I am more like a shepherd looking for all the other sheep! My drive and focus at work tends to be different from the ministry. 

I pray and talk with Him about these things—what all these people want from me—and then pray for myself! You and I must have His help if we are to do all these things as He would have us to do.

But I’m just warning you: stepping out in this feels like quicksand. You’re going to have to trust. Because when thoughts and distractions come flooding in, that’s when you have to continue to keep your eyes on Him.

Remember how Peter was walking on the water toward Jesus? I am like Peter sometimes because when He wants me to come out on the water, I go, but then I get distracted by the wind and the waves. I would say to a pastor or church planter, “Don’t take your eyes off Him!”

Distractions are a form of worrying. I would say that if you’re going to pray, then why worry? You have to do one or the other. Worrying can’t add anything to your life but stress. Worrying doesn’t add time or days to your life.

If you are worrying, then you are not trusting Him because worry won’t allow you to trust. Worrying is like saying that someone is standing behind you and strong enough to catch you, but you’re still worried about them catching you when you fall. You aren’t trusting them.

{ …when thoughts and distractions come flooding in, that’s when you have to continue to keep your eyes on Him. }

Maybe at the church you’re worried about an increase in visitors, salvations, or baptisms. Are you worrying why there aren’t more? Are you worrying about what you’re doing or not doing? Scripture says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God gave the increase…” (1 Corinthians 3:6-8)

You just plant! Water if you have to, but God will send the increase. That is what the Word says: to trust Him! If we’re focusing on other things like Peter, then we’ll start sinking. We must continue to focus on Him.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Come to your family with complete trust in Him. Come to your ministry with complete trust in Him. Come to your job with complete trust in Him. If you’re not focused on God, why are you doing any of it? God should be the focus first, always.

Without Him, there is no us. That’s the reason we have to get up in the morning and say, “You have given me this morning, and You are the reason I woke up this morning.”

A lot of times we “lose it” because we lose focus. At the end of a long day we are tired and lose focus, but in the morning we wake up with a fresh look! We don’t wake up because we’re good; we wake up because He is good!

He has given us this day. That’s focus.

Returning to my roots

By Anthony Banks

Where did you come from? Who had a role in your spiritual journey to bring you to where you are today? Take a moment to remember the people in your life who have shaped you…

I think it’s always good to fellowship with where you came from. For me, that’s my first church home: Second Baptist in West Helena. This is where the Lord brought me after running from Him (read my first blog for the full story). It’s where I grew, and the Lord really blessed me by bringing me up there.  

But just like a man who leaves his father and mother, I now have my own family as pastor of Second Baptist Church in Turrell. Even though I’m pastoring another church in another town, we have kept a connection.

The first service we had in Turrell in May 2016, my pastor from West Helena preached for us. Then in December 2016, my West Helena church family came to Turrell and we had service together. Everybody had a wonderful time. I’ve told my congregation that it’s like they were meeting extended family for the first time. Even if there were some people they hadn’t met before, we’ve got the same blood.

{ It’s a gift and a testimony because of what God has done in my life. }

It’s a gift and a testimony because of what God has done in my life. The members of my home church in West Helena have told me how glad they are to see the Lord using me. One expressed how much they’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve grown.

Our West Helena family was proud to be able to fellowship with us because the Lord used their pastor and members to speak His truth into my life years ago. And now they are seeing the fruit of their labor because now they have touched people through Second Baptist Turrell.

I thank God and pray that He will continue to use the Second Baptists of West Helena and Turrell to grow the Kingdom!  

Giving thanks when the road’s rough

By Anthony Banks

At Second Baptist Turrell, we’re getting ready to have our first church anniversary in two weeks, on Sunday April 9! When I’ve been asked to share all that God’s done, I’ve shared the good things because He’s been good!

But I also thank God because the road has been a little rough. Some things this past year were hard. Not bad, just hard. If it had not been for the Lord we wouldn’t be where we are now.

One of my goals in being a part of this blog is to come alongside and encourage other pastors and church planters in their experience. So as I reflect on the past year with Second Baptist, here are just a few things I would say…

Remaining faithful

When we started Second Baptist, we were having Bible study. We started our church service earlier than expected because the Spirit led me to do so.  I heard what my pastor, mentor, and other people were saying and could not let it stop me, because when I heard what the Voice of the Lord I had to follow Him.  I would say to a new church plant or a church that is starting: first and foremost, always follow God.

The second thing I would say is to make sure that you have a solid core group. This group is what’s going to keep you afloat. When you’re starting out in Bible study, you won’t have the crowds but you’ll have your core group. These people are dedicated. They are the people coming to hear the Word.  They will be the sheep that begat sheep.behind the pulpit

One of the hardest things for me was having all these people in church—like a tree full of limbs—but then some of the branches were pruned, or they cut themselves off.  I would not see them for a while, and then they might pop-back up. The key is to remember that some will not be as dedicated in the beginning. You must stay humble and focus on the mission of stretching out a helping hand.

Nevertheless, all you can do is preach the Word. You cannot let the amount of people that show up, whether it is large or small crowd, affect your preaching.  I am not a sugarcoat type preacher.  We are still a young plant so I wonder what people think.  What’s in-season, out-of-season? Some people love it when you’re saying things that are “preaching them happy.” However, when you are preaching the wages of sin is death they tend to cut themselves off and hide behind things because they think you are picking on them.

It’s either right or it’s wrong. It’s either holy or unholy. It’s either God or the devil. There is no straddling the fence. You must choose this day whom you shall serve. You cannot serve two masters. 

As the pastor of a church plant, you have to continue. You have to stay faithful to watch, as well as pray, for the Lord to lead you. Just hold on because sometimes it will get a little rough! It is like a rollercoaster: sometimes it feels good, and sometimes it feels like the bottom just drops.

Resisting temptation

Naturally, when you first start a church you’re going to have people come in that haven’t been in the church. Whatever it is that draws them in—that we do not judge, that we are about the community, whatever—that is how it should be because Jesus is bringing them to Himself.

And the first thing the devil is going to do? Attack you.

  • How many people have you baptized?
  • When you started, you were baptizing people every month.
  • People don’t believe.
  • You don’t know how to reach them.
  • Were you really called to pastor?
  • You’re in this alone.
  • It’s too hard, and you will fail.
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Your plan doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Quit! You gave it a try.
  • Well, you might have more baptisms in the first year than you do over the next couple of years.
  • Membership may be slowing down.

You have to rebuke the devil! Otherwise, he’ll run you off track. And it’s not just baptisms and membership. There are lots of things in the new church plant that he will use to steal your focus if you allow him to creep up on you.

When the devil tempts me to focus on these things as I’m doing a report on Second Baptist, I just have to remember 1 Corinthians 3:6-8:

6 I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. 7 So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 8 The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor.

The key is that it’s only God who sends the increase. It is up to me to know, understand, and focus on what the Word says.  The only way to defeat the devil is with the word of God. Remind Satan that he has no power. It was taken from him over two thousand years ago on the cross at Calvary!

I have to attack Satan with the Word of God just as Jesus did when Satan came to Him and tempted Him three times.  We/church plants must stay rooted and grounded in the Word because we cannot fight with our own power and strength!

God cannot and will not tempt you, but He’ll allow you to be tested. He don’t have a will or desire to test you, because He knows what you’ll do before you do it. Just like when Satan asked God to take His hand off Job. He wanted to take Job. But what did God do? He allowed him to tempt Job but said, “You can’t touch his soul.”

He has no authority to touch our souls! He’s got to knock on the door of the Lord to ask permission. Even with that permission he can’t touch our soul! He’s the father of lies, and even when God allows, it’s up to us to pass or fail the test. And even though we might fall, God is still able to pull us up.

That’s the thing about church planting. You will have doubts. Satan will try to discourage. You will know in your heart that you need to keep working, but you’re crying out for a much needed break.

Satan doesn’t take off! He doesn’t have vacations or take a leave of absence! He’s trying to sneak up on you, moving to and fro, easing his way through the holes.

But the Lord won’t leave you!

Rekindling evangelism

In church planting, you’ve got to have evangelism at your core.

When Jesus came and was calling His disciples, He went out and witnessed. Then they went and got their brothers, their families, and their friends. When Jesus knew everything about the Samaritan woman’s life, what did she do after she met him? She went out and told people! When the Spirit came upon the believers in the upper room, they went out! The church has always had an evangelistic spirit.

I remember when I was on the other side—before I gave my life to the Lord—I always knew that I was doing something displeasing. I was messing up God’s temple. I really didn’t know to describe my body and soul that way, but it was bothering me so much because God was working in me. He had His hand on me the whole time for such a time as this: to tell people how He’s changed my life!

{ When Jesus knew everything about the Samaritan woman’s life, what did she do after she met him? She went out and told people! }

I sold drugs and used them. I used to drink alcohol, steal, fight, and run in a gang. I had been deceived.  Nevertheless, do not judge me by what you last saw me doing.  Look at Paul after the intervention on Damascus road! Do not judge him by what he was doing when he was Saul. I saw my many times when I could have died in my sins. “But God…”

Like the thief next to Jesus on the cross who confessed Him at the last hour. When he confessed Jesus as Lord and said, “Remember me,” Jesus told him, “This day you shall be with me in paradise.” However, I thank God for his mercy on me and calling me to work in the vineyard before my last hour.

We have to quit judging people and help them on this side of heaven.  We will not know until that last hour if some people will confess Him as Lord. Nevertheless, the man on the cross is in paradise!  That’s what we’ve got to think about and focus on! I thank God for the church plant; He has given me the opportunity to serve His people.

In the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord! That is why we should willingly share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

To God be the glory!

A chat with the bloggers of “A Day in the Life of a Church Planter”

Have questions for the bloggers as you read? Connect with them by sending us a message!

How do you respond when people ask, “What is church planting?” 

Izah: I respond that church planting is a group of faith-believing Christians who have the intention of growing the Kingdom.

Anthony: I haven’t been asked that question, but I would probably say that it’s the church that begins as a small, core group of believers having a Bible study that will grow in number as they become stronger in Christ.

Andrew: Church planting is the continuing model of missions found in the book of Acts, where healthy existing churches train, equip and send-out healthy leaders to declare and demonstrate the Gospel. Too often church planting is seen as a divisive event in the life of a church that results in splits and fractions among its people. However, when churches plant churches, they participate in the Great Commission by reaching unchurched people who would never enter into their own churches because of location, demographics, or contextualization.


Izah Broadus, New Faith Baptist Church West Helena 


What is the people group or culture you are reaching? 

Izah: We would love to reach all people, but most importantly “the lost” (those who don’t know Christ).

Anthony: It is an African American group; many are unemployed or on fixed income. In our community there is a lack of resources, no local schools, and many are deprived of an education.

Andrew: The Hill Church is located in Fayetteville, Ark., which means we have an eclectic mission field in whom we are called to serve. The majority of our members are college students and young professionals who are joining a church for the first time. In fact, only 5 percent of our congregation was a member of a church before joining The Hill.  However, the people we serve and build relationships with around our physical church location are in poverty and are primarily single parent homes.


Anthony Banks, Second Baptist Church Turrell


What is the biggest obstacle you/your church face in reaching people? 

Izah: Our biggest obstacle is lacking the funds to do a lot of things that we would love to do.

Anthony: The biggest I would say is encountering people with depression and low self-esteem.

Andrew: Our church is intentionally located in a lower-income area so that we can build relationships and love them as people made in the image of God, but—to put it bluntly—we are white and the majority of them are black.  People in lower income areas have been burned by what they call “white saviors,” people who come in, give them some food or resources, and then leave.

I’m not saying these outreaches were bad, but what that has developed in these people of poverty is they think we see them as a project and not a person. It was difficult for us to break that wall of suspension which could only be brought down by a consistent proximity.


Andrew Munneke, The Hill Church Fayetteville


When in your ministry have you seen the direct impact of prayer? 

Izah: In the ministry, the direct impact I have seen was when the young men in the church came to the alter crying out to God in prayer.

Anthony: There was a family whose lights were turned off, and they were about to be evicted from their home.  We prayed and God answered prayers. To God be the glory!

Andrew: Finances are difficult in any church plant, but what we faced as our church grew was that we couldn’t grow as an organization [with the financial challenge]. So last year we said, “How much internal giving can we receive, realistically, if we pushed really hard and effectively communicated our need?”

So we wrote down that number and said, “Ok, let’s double that and start getting on our knees and asking God to provide that amount.” We knew the budget that we prayed for couldn’t come based on our own sales pitch or charts, but only by the Lord providing. By His grace, we received even more than we prayed for!

How can people pray for you? Your church? Your community? 

Izah: Pray that God provide for us so we are be able to do the things we need in order to reach more lost people. Pray that we can give our church a makeover and bring it up-to-date. Pray that the community will join together to seek more of God and truly know who God is.

AnthonyI would say pray for my strength and a steadfast, unmovable love for God and for God’s people. For my church, pray God’s grace and mercy over them. For my community, pray God will send help in the schooling and employment area, and that the leaders in the community would come together.

Andrew: Some specific prayers for us and our community are:
1.    Only 18 percent of Fayetteville is churched. Please continue to pray for the Spirit of God to penetrate hard hearts and dark places.
2.    We are sending our first short-term missions team to South Asia during spring break. Pray for their protection and Gospel ministry over there.
3.    For clarity and wisdom on some important big decisions our elders are making in the next few weeks.

Which comes first: preaching, teaching, or reaching?

By Anthony Banks

I went to the service station on the outskirts of town one day, and I was telling a gentleman about being a new pastor in Turrell. He said, “They need it, all those gang bangers, and drug dealers down there.”  And I wanted to know, What does he want to do to help?

Turrell is an impoverished community. You have to travel to find jobs because there are no jobs here. They have a couple of businesses, a country store, a funeral home, and one little place that sells sandwiches, but basically that’s about it. The majority of people are on a fixed income.

Just from observing, there’s a lack of education, and schools have closed down and combined with others. The drop-out rate is high because of the issues people face. A lot of people battle depression and behavioral problems. There is a real need for counseling. I mean, these things happen because of what people are facing.

Churches should and could ban together to be a stronger force. My mission is to preach the word of God and pray for some healing and restoration in the town. This is why we do what we do at Second Baptist. Basically we are looking at it from both sides. It’s about restoring what should be versus what people are settling for. 

Anthony standing outside Second Baptist

But I used to hear this: “Each one teach one.” However, I am a firm believer in: “You can’t teach a person you can’t reach.”

Paul said, “I became weak to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” (1 Cor. 19:22). If Paul didn’t become weak then he couldn’t understand them, and they perceived that he couldn’t understand them. If you’re trying to teach someone but you’re not even trying to reach them, how can they pay attention? You don’t understand their problems.

I have been through what they are going through: through the gang banging, drugs, and living the street life. I’ve had to say, “I understand. I used to feel I had to do the same thing.” I’ve explained, “This is a choice you can make, but you can make a different choice.”

Once you can reach them, you can teach them that’s not the way…

I can talk about how I remember falling into the same trap. When these guys would ride around in nice, fancy cars and had big speakers and shining rims. I remember wanting those things and thought I had to do the same thing to get it, but the whole time God was convicting me, The devil is tricking you—just like he did in the garden.

So I made a decision to live differently. Yeah, when I got hired I wasn’t making the same money as when I dealt with drugs, but Jesus owns everything.

I can say, “He’s not slacking in His promises. If He takes care of the birds of the air, then you have to trust the plans He has for you—this is what you need to hang your hope on. The Bible tells us everything else will pass away, and there will be a new heaven and new earth. Tomorrow is not promised, but if the Lord feeds the birds of the air, how much more will He will take care of you?”

{ I think of what they are doing, and what I have done, so I can relate to them. I want to help them understand there is a better way. }

I think of what they are doing, and what I have done, so I can relate to them. I want to help them understand there is a better way. Once I reach them I can teach them about this Jesus who took my feet out of the miry clay and placed them upon a rock to stay.

But I’m not just targeting people on the streets. There are other people who do not have anything to do with drugs or alcohol, but they have other issues that are taking effect in their life. There are people who aren’t going to church because they’ve been hurt by church folk. I have to minister to that, too, through the love of God.

When I see folks, I let the Spirit lead me. As a man of God—pastor or not—whenever I run into anyone in Turrell or anyplace else, I don’t waste an opportunity. I may not know who they are or if they’re on the streets, but I’ve got to bring God into the equation. Every conversation is a situation to share God in revelation. 

The miracle of healing

By Anthony Banks 

My wife and I were cleaning up the church one day when I picked up my little girl and tickled her. She let go of my neck and fell to the floor so hard that it knocked the wind out of her and dislocated her hipbone.

I was standing above her frozen stiff like a deer-in-the-headlights. When my wife walked in, I stopped her and asked her to go back outside. Then I picked up my little girl and closed my eyes. I felt the motion of my hand run all the way down her back and down to her feet.

I did not see what happened because my eyes were closed, but I did feel her body straighten up. I had no control over what happened—it was a miracle. I put her on the floor and asked if she was alright. She said, “Yes sir,” and then I asked, “Can you march and jump for Daddy?” She did, acting like nothing had even happened.

I went into the bathroom, locked the door, and just cried. I said to God, “I saw her bone was out of her back, and I saw what you did.”

After spending a few minutes alone, I went to the sanctuary to wipe down the pews. The Holy Spirit said, “Tell your wife about the miracle that just happened.” Thinking the Holy Spirit just wanted me to share the good news, I said to her, “Listen, I want to tell you something. God performed a miracle with our baby.”

She said, “I know. I saw her bone sticking out and how you ran your hand down her back.” I started crying and praying to God. I knew I wasn’t crazy, but I didn’t know that she had seen.

I believe He was giving me confirmation of what I saw—that He can heal—because later He said to me, “There is going to be healing and restoration in Turrell.” 

We have had some block parties in Turrell so that we can meet people in our community. At the first block party we hosted with First Baptist Church Rogers, I got to see black and white folk from Turrell shaking hands who had never shaken hands before. When I saw this I remembered, He said this restoration is going to happen. I was just sitting there in awe. One guy told me there was a lot of inner-blood between him and another man, and that this was the first time they had talked since. 


We also saw several salvations from witnessing to people at the block party. All of these people are special, but one who comes to mind is a guy who was witnessed to when we knocked on doors. He accepted the Lord and wanted to be baptized. 

I was going to pick him up for church the morning he was to be baptized, and when I got to the house I talked to his dad. I said, “Put your clothes on. Don’t worry about being dressed up, just come because your son is getting baptized today.” 

I saw the expression on his face. He said, “You know pastor, I haven’t been baptized. I was going to be, but then we moved down here to Turrell and haven’t found a church to attend.” I was thinking, Look no further!

So I said, “Why don’t you come and be baptized with your son?” and I witnessed to him. He got up and put his shoes on to come with me, but then we could not find his son. We went on to church, had service, and I baptized the father.

{ I believe He was giving me confirmation of what I saw—that He can heal—because later He said to me, “There is going to be healing and restoration in Turrell.” }

When we were ready to leave, his son walked up. He said he had gone down to West Memphis with some friends, and they left him behind. We went right back in that church and baptized him!

Now every Wednesday and Sunday I pick them up and take them to church with me. I gave them baptism certificates with their names on them, and I see those certificates on their wall every time I visit their home.

Isn’t this what the church is all about—the Lord bringing people to Himself? Heaven rejoices!

Before that first block party, not many people even knew that our church plant—Second Baptist—existed. Nevertheless, today we continue to have visitors come by and worship with us because of that block party.

We have baptized 15 people since we began in March 2016, and many came by Christian experience. We have grown our congregation from zero to about 40+ people. In November 2016, we had 50 people. All praises be to God!