Sowing seeds with people of peace

By Lee Kemp  John Maxwell once said that no one succeeds unless a group of people wants them to. I think this is definitely true in ministry because ministry rides or dies on relationships. Before Forefront became a church, Sarah and I were living in Timberline Apartments by ourselves, and we met a lady named… Continue reading Sowing seeds with people of peace

Thoughts on faith and our daily bread

By Lee Kemp  This summer Forefront hosted “Summer Fun Days” at Timberline Apartments to make a positive impact on kids who would otherwise spend the summer alone. Monday through Wednesday we would meet from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. In the morning we played games, sang songs, made crafts, and told Bible stories. After we… Continue reading Thoughts on faith and our daily bread

What “radical” living teaches my kids & church

By Lee Kemp  My kids are like me, they love adventure. People used to ask me, “Is living in a two-bedroom apartment necessary? You are a family of seven. Isn’t this a little too radical? Can’t you live in a nicer neighborhood and just go to Timberline?” But we couldn’t do that. My neighbor is… Continue reading What “radical” living teaches my kids & church

Planting the Gospel vs. planting a church

By Lee Kemp  It’s the old, worn out elephant wearing the fresh, sparkly tutu. She’s sitting in the room, and we can’t help but notice the mismatched pair. We silently observe that the glittering tutu does nothing to mask the giant, sagging wrinkles of the tired figure wearing it. It doesn’t seem to work. Church… Continue reading Planting the Gospel vs. planting a church

We are Forefront

By Lee Kemp  Today I wanted to introduce you to the beginnings of Forefront church and the pulse of this blog! My heart is that you would experience with us the glorious adventure and sometimes raw struggle that is church planting. The Stirring for Change In November 2012, after 12 years in full-time ministry, my… Continue reading We are Forefront