Returning to my roots

By Anthony Banks

Where did you come from? Who had a role in your spiritual journey to bring you to where you are today? Take a moment to remember the people in your life who have shaped you…

I think it’s always good to fellowship with where you came from. For me, that’s my first church home: Second Baptist in West Helena. This is where the Lord brought me after running from Him (read my first blog for the full story). It’s where I grew, and the Lord really blessed me by bringing me up there.  

But just like a man who leaves his father and mother, I now have my own family as pastor of Second Baptist Church in Turrell. Even though I’m pastoring another church in another town, we have kept a connection.

The first service we had in Turrell in May 2016, my pastor from West Helena preached for us. Then in December 2016, my West Helena church family came to Turrell and we had service together. Everybody had a wonderful time. I’ve told my congregation that it’s like they were meeting extended family for the first time. Even if there were some people they hadn’t met before, we’ve got the same blood.

{ It’s a gift and a testimony because of what God has done in my life. }

It’s a gift and a testimony because of what God has done in my life. The members of my home church in West Helena have told me how glad they are to see the Lord using me. One expressed how much they’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve grown.

Our West Helena family was proud to be able to fellowship with us because the Lord used their pastor and members to speak His truth into my life years ago. And now they are seeing the fruit of their labor because now they have touched people through Second Baptist Turrell.

I thank God and pray that He will continue to use the Second Baptists of West Helena and Turrell to grow the Kingdom!