An exam for potential church planters (3)

By Andrew Munneke / This is the third in a series of blogs to discern if you’re called, gifted, and able to be a church planter. Here are a few important questions you’ll want to answer…


Sowing seeds with people of peace

By Lee Kemp  John Maxwell once said that no one succeeds unless a group of people wants them to. I think this is definitely true in ministry because ministry rides or dies on relationships. Before Forefront became a church, Sarah and I were living in Timberline Apartments by ourselves, and we met a lady named… Continue reading Sowing seeds with people of peace

Reflections from a week WITH the Arapaho Tribe

By Lee Kemp  Since I returned home from Wyoming, I have found myself refreshed and renewed in my commitment to see God move through me and Forefront Church. (Checkout last week’s post to see how God moved during our trip!)  I think that is how almost everyone feels after a productive time on a mission trip… Continue reading Reflections from a week WITH the Arapaho Tribe

God is still on the move

By Lee Kemp  This week Forefront Church is in Riverton, Wyoming! We are ministering to the Northern Arapaho, one of the last critically unreached Native American tribes. Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith has come here for the last five years, but this year we (Forefront) and Palestine Baptist Church in Greenwood, Ark., have joined… Continue reading God is still on the move