Disciple-making starts at home: “I watch their faith and their dedication to trust and follow me because I follow Jesus”

By Izah Broadus / When people think about the ministry of a church, they probably think of the pastors and ministers and what they do. But our families are also in the ministry!


Between Sundays: why churches fail or succeed

By Lee Kemp  Why is Sunday to Sunday important as a church planter? Well, it’s just like a football team. As a youth pastor, I was fortunate to be around Greenwood High School football, coached by one of the soon-to-be hall-of-famers, Rick Jones. What has made him successful, just like every other leader I’ve observed,… Continue reading Between Sundays: why churches fail or succeed

What “radical” living teaches my kids & church

By Lee Kemp  My kids are like me, they love adventure. People used to ask me, “Is living in a two-bedroom apartment necessary? You are a family of seven. Isn’t this a little too radical? Can’t you live in a nicer neighborhood and just go to Timberline?” But we couldn’t do that. My neighbor is… Continue reading What “radical” living teaches my kids & church